July 28, 2016


No hidden charges, minimum contracts or notice periods means we are the most flexible self storage company around.

Using Self storage for your domestic requirements has many benefits:

  • Store your possessions before, during or after a house move.
  • Declutter in preparation for viewings if your home is for sale.
  • Make space while you do up a room, renovate or extend your home.
  • Store seasonal items or sports equipment.
  • Working from home? Create space at home by storing excess stock with us.
  • Reclaim the garage.
  • Relocating abroad, we have great long term discounts available.
  • Store goods for relatives such as elderly parents who want their belongings locked away safely and securely, or who are moving into residential homes with less space.
  • Downsizing.
  • Furniture storage.

If you are unsure of what size of storage unit you would need, visit our size guide to give you an idea.

With our competitive prices and with no hidden charges or contracts in place, we can guarantee that whatever you need self storage for, with Red Rose Self Storage, storing your household belongings needn’t be a costly option.