July 27, 2016


Good Quality Boxes

Use good quality boxes and make sure you seal them with tape rather than folding them shut – this makes them much easier to stack.

Fill Your Boxes

Fill boxes, but don’t over fill them. A well-filled box will stack better, so pad out spaces with screwed up newspaper. An overfilled box will lose its shape and collapse when stacked.

Use Labels

Label or number your boxes before moving in, so you know what you have in storage and what is in each of the boxes.

Protect Your Goods

Protect vases, photo-frames, table legs and other fragile items with bubble wrap – available on site.

Plan Your Storage Unit

If you are planning on accessing some items whilst in storage – put them in last. Alternatively, if you are wanting to access all of your items consider selecting the unit size up – giving you some extra room to maneuvre in.

Use Space Wisely

Utilise ALL of your space – washing machines and fridges are ideal spaces to store smaller items.

Flat Pack?

Flat pack is not always best; tables and drawers are often useful for storing items in, under or on.


Put a protective cover over all your soft furnishings.

Use All Your Space

Utilise the height of the unit. By thinking about what you’re storing and planning how you are to store them, you can fit your belongings into a smaller unit, saving you money.